About Us | Mae Threads Clothing Co.

Hello! We are Megan and Ashley. As women and mothers, we realized that good quality, fashion-forward, modest clothing is difficult to find, and getting it affordably is harder still. We are committed to providing you with boutique caliber dresses, jumpsuits, tops, shoes, hats, jewelry, and more, of the very best in style and quality, for as much as 50% off of retail prices. With a constantly changing inventory, some of these items are unique to our site, and others will be the same as you'll find at your local boutique, but all for a fraction of the cost!

If you've ever imagined a clothing store that sells only your style, here it is! We invite you to join us in choosing the items we carry by participating in our weekly polls on our Facebook group. Think of it as crowd-sourced fashion, where our inventory is chosen by you! To make your voice heard, find us on Facebook and Instagram at Mae Threads Wholesale Clothing Co., and stay tuned for our upcoming e-mail list, so you'll never miss out on our latest inventory.