I'm Nikki, the Owner of Mae Threads

I am a mom of two girls, I have a deep love for education, being outside, and feeling great in the clothes I wear. My husband and I run this company out of our home in addition to our full-time day jobs. In our spare time, our family can be found outside or reading, sometimes both. One day, we would love for Mae Threads to be our full-time job. Help us achieve our goals!

  • Mindful wardrobe building through community-curated pieces.

  • Approachable space to freely express yourself.

  • Empowering women to dress for the lifestyle they want.

We help you find your own style by:

Using a pre-order system.

We use a pre-order system for 2 reasons. First, and most important reason is, we want YOU to decide what we offer. We want you to think of MAE as the boutique that is currated to you. Pre-orders allow us to order many products in smaller quantities allowing for a larger selection of items. Second, it allows us to sell the products at a lower cost than most other boutiques, especially the popular ones. You wait a bit longer for your item, but in the end you get to feel good knowing you chose the item and you paid less.

Letting YOU choose the items.

Twice a week we take a poll of clothing items on Instagram. The items that are the most popular will be released that week. Make sure you turn your notifications on so you don't miss out. If you absolutely LOVE an item from somewhere else, chances are someone else does too. DM us an image and we will do our best to find that item. Send us messages or emails about the styles or clothing pieces you want to see in your closet. Your opinion matters. The more you speak to the more you will be heard. 

Help Us Build Our Community

Because we are a still a very small business we have many areas we hope to improve. Thank you for helping us be one step closer to achieving our goals. Each one of you is important to us and we hope to get to know you more as we continue on this journey together.